Where a Love Infinity Massage is a Holistic Healing Art experience...

E.E 2013 

The Holistic Healing Arts field presents an expanded understanding of the whole body.  All of the layers of our well being are taken into consideration; physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. Environment, lifestyle and diet are also considered as to how it may be helping or harming one's well being. 

Deep listening with restorative empathy for the client is welcome in a session with Seaira.  Holistic paradigms can be discussed for true healing integration in one's life.

Offering Modalities: 

*Each session can be customized for you to receive optimum healing.*


Swedish Massage

 A relaxing full body massage with a light to firm touch, kneading & gliding with aromatherapeutic herb infused oils. 

 Deep Tissue

A more therapeutic massage that can be full body or more focused on a disturbed area. Warming the tissue up and then applying firm strokes, kneading, & stretching with guided breath release and aromatherapeutic herb infused oils.

Seaira offers her own Wildcrafted organic herb infused oils for Aroma-Therapeutic benefits of mind & body.  

  Organic sunflower oil rich in vitamin E, is infused with hand picked herbs from Evergreen trees, such as, Douglas Fir, Cedar & Pine.  They have anti-inflammatory & pain relieving properties for muscles & joints and stimulate the bronchial tract for deeper breathing.   Relaxing and revitalizing herbs such as Rosemary & Lavendar are also used for their soothing scent, skin cell regeneration & immune support.


 Thai Massage

An ancient primary form of massage that consists of stretching, deep tissue techniques, acupressure points, & reflexology. Revitalizing the whole body's circulation & energy flow.
Light comfortable clothes are worn.  Great modality for every body, athletes & yogis. 


Applied pressure, light to firm, along the meridians to the reflex points of vital organs to optimize the blood circulation & energy flow. Kneading is also used. This ancient technique rejuvenates the whole body, yet is applied only on the feet, hands or head.

 Reiki ~~~Energy Healing~~~

 *Rei = Higher Consciousness

 *Ki = Universal Life Force

  A Japanese term & method, yet an ancient Universal Healing Light technique of laying on hands (light to no touch) with a neutral mind to allow the Ki to flow through the pracitioner to the patient.  
This Bioenergy technique works to clear blockages, sooth the nervous system & restore the chakras; which are the energy stations/points of the body that flow along the meridians, governing the vital organs & endocrine glands.  In addition to the physical plane, the chakras also maintain the well being of one's mental, emotional & spiritual self.  
In Sanskrit, Chakra = Wheel of Light.  

In a Reiki session,
deep relaxation & harmony flows throughout the whole body, mind, & spirit. All ages and health conditions are welcome, 

Reiki can do no harm.  

Reiki can be remarkably beneficial before & after surgery/injury.

Reiki can be given to people, plants, animals & homes (energy clearing)

*Reiki 1 & 2 Training courses come with a lifelong attunement, manual and yogic health tips, if interested please email SeaOBe@gmail.com for availability in small groups or privately. 

 ~~*Sound Healing*~~

 Also offered in healing sessions is the art of sound healing with the Native American Buffalo Drum & Tibetan Singing Bowls.  The drum is offered in the beginning to ground & center the body and also to wake up any stagnation present in the energy field.  The singing bowl is offered at the end to sooth & harmonize the energize field.

*Laying of Crystals on the Chakras*

Crystal healing is an Earth science.  Basically, the perfect molecular structure of a crystalline form resonates that vibrational frequency to the water molecules of our body.  People from the beginning of time have explored healing practices with crystals.   Seaira intuitively offers crystals throughout a session to help sooth & release any negative energy & emotions associated with the dis-ease in the physical body. 

 Chair Massage

Available for private parties, community events, and corporate companies. A clothed massage offered on back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands & head.  

Cara Seaira OBrien is a licensed CMP insured with the Hands-On Trade Association

"Healing Chakra Meditation"

A 2011 Oil Painting by Cara Seaira O'Brien