Seaira teaches Therapeutic Kundalini Yoga on:

 Mondays 7:30-8:30pm at The Berkeley Yoga Center2121 Bonar Street ∼ Studio C (the code to enter the upstairs studio from street is: YOGA) drop in $15, students $12 

 Thursdays 6:15-7:15pm at Ocean Beach Yoga on 3925 A Judah Ave
[drop in $18 + package deal rates]

would love to see ya there! your free spirit & inner child are welcome! :) (and if you have a kriya request for a particular organ or chakra focus, email me at:


Huwman Peaceior Chakra Rock
painted textile series by Seaira 2013

:: Awaken the Healer within ::

An Introductory Course to Energy Healing

November 23rd, 2-4pm 2015 @ Ocean Beach Yoga, 3925 Judah Ave, San Francisco

December 7th, 2-4pm @ YogaTree Stanyan, San Francisco

(offered to the public & privately, please email Seaira if interested)

This workshop teaches the beginning foundation to energy healing through learning & connecting to the basics about the chakras.  When our chakras are in balance, the state of our well being is optimal- uplifted & grounded.  In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to nurture the healer within by learning simple tools to clear & charge one's energy field with sound, color visualization and movement.

These exercises can raise one's E.Q!- Emotional Intelligence. E-motions are merely energy in motion, and to reach a state of harmony/homeostasis energy must remain in motion, stagnation causes tension..   

The chakras are the energy stations in our body, in sanskrit, chakra means "wheel of light".  The huwman body is not only flesh and bone, but also has a light & energy field that flows in spiral motion (as all life does).  The main 7 chakras the class will go over, are along the spine and each govern a vital endocrine gland and foster a particular layer of our well being; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Each chakra also has a color and a sound note that can clear and charge the energy in each section of our body.  Seaira created paintings that can be on display and referenced for ease of comprehension. 

After a review of the chakras, Seaira will lead the class into some simple, mellow movements to warm up the body and engage our body's consciousness to the locations of the chakras.  The exercises will be guided with breath to open and clear stagnation from each chakra. Aura clearing techniques will also be implemented to build one's aura awareness & holistic health.

Following the movements, the class will tune their chakras with chanting the bija sound mantra associated with each.  Starting with the root chakra and ending with the upliftment of our crown chakra. Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam/Yum, Hum, Om, Om.  Chanting the Chakra Mantras can be quite a transformative practice for a beginning meditator, after, the mind feels clear and at peace ready to comfortably sit in stillness.  Practicing the tuning of the chakras together, as a group, is a wonderfull experience that sparkles with harmony! A bonus blessing at the end of the class, Seaira comes around to each student offering sound healing with the Buffalo Drum, Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls for root grounding & heart soothing.  

Come clear & Rock ya ChakRaS with Seaira!* 

Above, by Cara Seaira O'Brien, 2013, A Healing Yantra Chakra Painting, including the Mantras to be vibrated within or aloud. A Yantra is an image for meditation. This painting is intended for an Energy Healing Experience- to clear & charge each chakra from the left to the right.  The left, counter-clockwise spiral unwinds tension/blockages, clearing it.  The right, clockwise spiral charges the positive energy of grounding & uplifting each chakra.  Use & feel your intuition for how long to be with each chakra, allow the energy to move.  Honor your breath & waterfall medicine (tears:).